I need to change this sentence in other words, without changing the meaning.

1. The basic human needs.

• stay connected with others.

* e.g. connecting with your employees &
allowing them to understand that they are
a valuable part of the company.

• need to 'variety'.

* e.g. stimulation the minds of your employees.

* e.g. Assign one day a week as casual dress day.

• Achieve a Feeling of Significance.

* e.g. understanding how important your employees
are to your company.

2- Instilling hope in employees.

* e.g. ↑employee productivity accordingly increased sales.

3. Balance.

* e.g. Promote life balance in the lives of your employees.

* e.g. Encourage employees to pursue their hobbies.

* e.g. Encourage employees to take care of their personal health.

* e.g. Learn to value the importance of balance for your employees.