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    please read the whole context and answer me.

    Dear teacher,
    Althoughthe corrections made by the teacher are valid but it doesn't mean that they were necessary. This is the complete full text of my letter with corrections made by teacher in brackets.
    dear saeed,
    I was thinking of writing a letter to you, but i didn't find enough time. I want a piece of advice from you, for i am involved with a charming and pretty girl. Although she is quite a few years older than me, her charming and attractive manners have attracted me a lot towords her.
    I am thinking of getting engaged with her. She along with her family is agreed to it; So, what do you say. Boys' and girls' ages are a matter of minor importance, but the best thing is the harmony between them ( boys' and girls' ages matter? but the best thing is harmony between them). I hope, you will advise me to go in the same directions(I hope you will advise me to go on with my plans). Say my regards to uncle and aunt.

    Please tell me are those corrections were necessary or my original text was wrong. I am looking forword to your reply.

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    Re: please read the whole context and answer me.

    No, in my opinion the corrections were not necessary either for grammar or clarity. Your usage is a little awkward in places, there are some subject-verb agreement errors and some idiomatic usage errors (engaged to her, not with her; Give my regards, not say my regards; etc.). Overall, I think your work is pretty good for a learner.

    As a teacher, I would strongly caution you against telling your teacher that he is wrong.

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