Hi guys, I was wondering if you help me with intonation dilema.highlighted words and decide whether the voice rises or falls .
1. “Are you hungry?” “No, I’m fine.”

2. “You live in Leeds, don’t you?” (you are unsure)

3. “It’s nine o’clock. Here is the news.”

“Please sit down. Would you like anything?”

5. “Where are you going for your holiday?”

6. “Would you like a drink?”

7. “What the hell?”

“How many sugars do you want in your coffee?”

9. “Don’t forget. You have to feed Timmy three times a day.”

10. “What did you say?” (you didn’t hear clearly)

11. “You live in London, don’t you?” (you need confirmation)

12. “You have how many CDs in your collection?”

13. “Another twelve soldiers died in Iraq yesterday.”

14. “Are you mad? You can’t drink 17 pints of beer in one hour.”