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    Question there's no accounting for tastes


    according to my opinion this saying is not only about likes and dislikes, it also means about something that does not match with your status, it is not what is expected, something queer or else. for example :

    1) A handsome and intelligent young man married with an ugly and foolish woman.

    2) An educated and polite man who gets involved with drugs.

    3) A wealthy person who buys used clothes or old used cars

    Some people say that this idiom is the same as TO EACH HIS OWN, but I do not completely agree, because to each his own also means. to each what he deserves, his ability, etc. for example,

    1) A handsome and intelligent young man, as usual gets marry with a beautiful and practical woman.

    2) An educated and polite man hardly ever gets involved with troublemaking people

    3) Jhon is an illiterate man but he is very good at sports

    I notice that there is a difference of usage between these idioms. There's no accounting for tastes almost is referred as something opposite to the person.

    Please, reply me

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    Re: there's no accounting for tastes

    I agree that's there's some sort of contradiction or something unexpected about 'There's no accounting for tastes', but it doesn't have to be someone's status- if they like something you hate, you could use it.

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