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Thread: get a hit

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    get a hit


    The following sentence is describing what happened in the TV series Crime Buster, there are two underlined parts I don't understand.

    Could anyone help me out, please?
    Thank you.

    "The dude who does the autopsies finds a bruise on the girl's body that looks like a fingerprint. The old CSI photographs it and takes it to the lab and gets a hit--some retired government employee who's drinking his prune juice and using a Clapper when two CSI investigators show up."

    What do "gets a hit" and "Clapper" mean in the above context?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: get a hit

    He runs the fingerprint through a police database and discovers a matching fingerprint. This is a "hit" as opposed to a "miss" where there is no match found.

    The Clapper was a device sold by television ads 10 or 2o years ago that purported to assist you in turning lamps and other devices on and off by the simple action of you make a sharp sound twice in a row -- clapping.

    It was marketed and perceived as a device for the elderly -- this is what is meant in the text you cite. The prune juice is also a reference to old age.

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