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    Re: Question about Britain

    Exactly. Why on earth would it be impossible for a 'black' man or woman to marry a Japanese man or woman? Their children would most likely be Japanese both officially and consider themselves Japanese.

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    Re: Question about Britain

    Nothing is impossible, of course, just like the day when a Japanese person is depicted as a thick-lipped black man wearing animal skins whilst holding a shield on one hand and a spear on the other and of course, an animal bone pierced through his nostrils and another bone fixed to his curly hairl!!

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    Re: Question about Britain

    OK, can we be a little more careful about what we say here- it's very easy to offend people when dealing with the subject of ethnicity.

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    Re: Question about Britain

    I really dont think you can tell a person's nationality simply by their looks these days. I hope you dont make judgments like that on people. Dark skin doesnt mean a person is necessarily African, and you should know tha not all Africans share the same culture and appearance either. :)

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    Re: Question about Britain

    FYI, "English" is not a nationality and neither is "African". Also, a person born in America is automatically an American but a person born in Japan or England/etc. is not necessarily Japanese or English! Nationality laws are written by man and can be changed at anytime while your ethnicity cannot and will remain with you for life!
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    Re: Question about Britain

    Quote Originally Posted by Temico
    Nationality laws are written by man . . . !
    Only "by man"?

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    Re: Question about Britain

    I see this whole question being about nationality, not ethnicity.

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    Re: Question about Britain

    Quote Originally Posted by amigo
    Hi teachers,

    Here is my question:

    If I were born in London,UK.And some foreigners asked me where I come from,which one of the following sounds right? I'm just a little confused between the three. This question has been on my mind for quite some times since I started to learn english. I mean,if u were born in Norway,u'd say "I come from Norway." Id u were born in Scotland,u'd say "i caome from Scotland". No confusion,if u see what i'd saying.

    1. I come from Britain.
    2. I come from England.
    3. I come from UK.

    which one do the British use the most?


    Should one say "I'm an English" or "I'm British",which one is more common?


    I'll leave the subject of nationality and ethnicity and I'll go back to the original question
    Technically for someone from London, any of the 3 would work, however somebody from Edinburgh could only say British or from the UK (and of course he/she could also say scotish) Finally somebody from Nothern Ireland could only go with UK. I mean England is one country, then Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland, and finally the UK is Great Britain and Nothern Ireland.
    Please anybody who's actually from the UK, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But this is all just technically speaking
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