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Thread: three sentences

  1. Chrismei

    three sentences

    Dear Teacher,

    I have difficulty in understanding the following bracketed sentence and clauses. Would you please kindly do me a favor?

    And look what has happened to our freedom. [[The men who fought the American Revolution were no more like these D.A.R. dames than I'm a pot-bellied,perfumed Pekingese dog.]] They meant what they said about freedom...This didn't mean for one rich man [[to sweat the piss out of ten thousand poor men]] so that he can get richer. This didn't mean the tyrants were free to get this country [[in such a fix taht millions of people are ready to do anything-cheat, lie or whack off their right arm-just to work for three squares and a flop.]]

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: three sentences

    O.K. this won't be easy. The passage you quoted is very rich in obscure metaphors.

    The D.A.R is the Daughters of the American Revolution, a women's organization whose members claim to all be descendents of the original founders of America, and who (supposedly) feel superior to anyone who isn't.

    The writer is saying that the original founders of America were not snobs like the DAR. They did not establish this country so that the rich could exploit the poor just so they could get richer. The founders did not create this country so that the people in power would, through their greed, create an enviroment where millions of people would practically kill themselves just to stay alive.

    ...Pot-bellied etc...just an outrageous comparison
    sweat the piss out of ...force to work to exhaustion a fix in a predicament, in trouble, in a bad situation
    ...whack-off in this context it means to chop off. Careful! sometimes this means masturbate
    ...three squares and a flop three square (well-balanced) meals and a place to sleep (flop).

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