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    The Yellow Wallpaper

    Hi, The following is taken from "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilmour:-

    "to live in such a room for worlds"
    Can anyone help me with the meaning of this?

    Thanks you.

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    Re: The Yellow Wallpaper

    More context would help.

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    Re: The Yellow Wallpaper

    Quote Originally Posted by fivejedjon View Post
    More context would help.
    Here it is: 'Why, I wouldn't have a child of mine, an impressionable little thing, live in such a room for worlds.' The disembodied phrase we were given in the OP omitted the verbal part, which explains the use of 'for worlds'.

    'I would not for worlds allow a child of mine to live in such a room.' There is a long continuum of exaggerated expressions of extent, ranging from 'for two pins' ('for two pins I'd <verb>' = I would take very little persuading to do it) to 'I wouldn't do it for worlds' (= No amount of persuasion would make me do it.


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