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    corporation, firm, company

    Dear all,

    Is there any difference between the three words above?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: corporation, firm, company

    Hi Eartha

    As a NES(UK), but not a teacher:

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines

    1. Firm as:
    definition of firm from Oxford Dictionaries Online
    "a business concern, especially one involving a partnership of two or more people [as used in thefollowing expressions]:
    - state support for small firms
    - a law firm"

    Essentially I would generally use it in the case of a partnership providing "professsional services" such as a firm of lawyers, solicitors, accountants etc.

    2. Company as:
    definition of company from Oxford Dictionaries Online
    "a commercial business e.g.:
    - a shipping company

    - [in names] :the Ford Motor Company
    - [as modifier] :a company director"

    I would normally use this in the context of normal, registered "limited liability" companies.

    3. Corporation as:
    definition of corporation from Oxford Dictionaries Online
    "a large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law."

    I would normally use this term in the context of the overall "parent company" that owns a significant group of companies or a large government-owned/controlled enterprise.

    Hope this helps

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