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    Question 'would' confuses me a lot

    Dear friends,

    please help me with some questions related to the text below. Thank you!

    (1) Is it fine to say that someone jumps off of a place which is high?
    (2) 'as he would float down towards the earth' means 'when he...'?
    (3) The word 'would' in (3)has the same meaning as other 'woulds'? What does it exactly mean?

    He invented a jacket, called 'parachute jacket', which was a jacket that was supposed to spand into a parachute. So I guess his idea was that he would jump out of a plane or off of(1) a really high place, and then as(2)
    he would(3) float down towards the earth, the jacket would expand or get bigger, so it would catch the air and he could safely float down to the ground. But it didn't quite turn out that way.

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    Re: 'would' confuses me a lot

    Let's go one by one here.
    question one.
    Yes. It is ok. (switch the word 'mountain' for place, and it sounds just find.)

    question two
    think of it as a timeline. We are in present, looking back at time B in the past. From Time B, the character is looking at time C, in his future (but now in the past). For the character, the word to choose is 'will', but that gets changed to 'would' by us, as we look back into the past on our timeline.

    this is confusing without a picture. Take a minute and draw the picture. draw a horizontal line, with the present marked at the right close to the end. Near the left, draw B and then between B and NOW, draw C. draw the character at B, looking into the future towards C. His mind has a bubble with the word 'will' in it. Change the word will to would for us, since it is the past.

    Seriously, draw the picture. It will make it much easier.

    Question three.
    same as question two.

    Good luck.

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