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    The Education of Migrants' Children

    Hello, could you help me improve this essay? Any suggestion would be most appreciated.
    This essay is about the education of migrants' children.

    Since the reform and opening-up policy was introduced, a surging rural population has moved to cities and towns. More and more young and middle-aged farmers have gone there for jobs. As most of them have more than 1 child, they have brought new challenges to local compulsory education. According to the Ministry of Education, many cities haven’t brought the schooling of migrants' children into their plan on educational development. They are not clear about the children’s number, especially that in urban fringe zones teeming with these floating children. Lacking money, the municipal governments have failed to manage the problem properly.

    “What’s children’s park? I have never heard of it,” 7-year-old Jingjing asked her teacher shyly. She was born after parents migrated to Hangzhou in search of jobs. They are busy selling snacks from morning until night. In holidays, urban children will go on a trip with their parents, but the girl can’t bear such a thought. Holidays are the busiest time for the small business.

    She is lucky to enroll in the Hangzhou Mingzhu Experimental School. The school, designed for migrants' children, was co-built 3 years ago by downtown government, companies, and local community. It has recruited over 2,100 students from 20 provinces and municipalities. The teachers and facilities of this school are considered first-class among developing countries by UNESCO educational experts. “We will not only give these children formal education, but create an environment with ‘cultural affinity’,” said those teachers. “We will help children feel “the warmth of the city” so that they can become part of it as soon as possible.”
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    Re: The Education of Migrants' Children

    What is the topic of your essay? Give it first and then somebody will know how to check your essay that follow the main idea or not.

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