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  1. Ryan

    try + to-infinitive/ing-form

    Can you please help me to understand the difference between try + to-infinitive and try + ing-form?

    My book says that the former is used when we talk about making an attempt to do something. The latter, on the other hand, is used when we talk about doing something as an experiment/test. It is a bit too subtle to me.


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    I tried to phone him = I didn't actually manage to get to a phone.

    I tried phoning him= I phoned him but he didn't answer, etc.

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    The word "try" almost invariably implies lack of success.

    • He tried to open the door = his attempt to open the door did not succeed.

      He tried opening the door. (I'm not sure what context that would fit in (if any), but presumably opening the door did not get him what he wanted.)

    • "Don't try. Do."


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