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    child's cry

    Is that correct to use weeping for crying in distress and cry implies for some kind of cry of a child for a toy or so? does cry and weep means same?

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    Re: child's cry

    Technically speaking, "cry" and "weep" mean the same thing - tears flowing from the eyes. But "weep" usually implies subtle tears of sadness or weariness; you weep at a funeral, or when you look at an old photo album of loved ones long gone, etc. You might also metaphorically weep for the future of our planet if we don't stop global warming or pollution or whatever.

    When the tears flow due to injury or outrage or frustration, that is usually referred to as "crying." A baby cries because his toy has fallen out of his reach, or he's wet and needs changing, or he's hungry, or he's teething and in pain. (He also wails and screams, but he doesn't weep. )

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