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Please proofread the following paragraphs:

Setting a certain time for yourself for computer time it isn't always easy. Choose two or three hours a day but be careful on how you space them. Having them too far apart can be torture, but having them too close together gives you little time to do anything in between. (Feel free to have certain schedules for certain days of the week.)

Maybe hang out with some friends, or play a game, do a puzzle, and or read a book. There are other ways to spend life and improve socially, mentally, and physically. The computer isn't poisonous; you just have to get more Vitamin D.
Don't start to freak out the first day when you stop being on the computer. Don't just quit, that will torture yourself more, spend some time on schoolwork you've been delaying or go for a run or bike ride with a friend or two, distract yourself.