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    Exclamation meaning of some sentences

    Hello my dear masters,
    Would you please tell me the meaning of these terms?

    1)A cock and bull story .
    2)We went through the tonnel on all fours.
    3)We are like birds of a feather.
    4)A dark house.(He is a dark house.)
    5)To go through thick and thin.
    6)Below the salt
    7)It reaches your eares.
    8)Is that the right way to put that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: meaning of some sentences

    1-- An explanation difficult to believe; an unlikely tale.
    2-- if it's an idiom, I don't know it; 'tonnel' should be 'tunnel'; 'on all fours' means crawling on one's hands and knees.
    3-- 'Like' is not needed; we are very similar. The full proverb is 'birds of a feather flock together': people of like mind are found in the same places or doing the same things.
    4-- 'Horse', not 'house'. A 'dark horse' is an unexpected winner or an unheralded contestant/candidate who is considered to have a good chance of winning.
    5-- to go through many difficult, or all kinds of, experiences.
    6-- Never heard it. Here is what googling got me: "Below the Salt - This, at its most vivid, can be found in the use of salt at the medieval food table. Here salt [an expensive and rare commodity of the time] was placed at the center of the table. Above the salt sat the family and intimates of the household, below the salt sat the servants and dependants".
    7-- You hear it (usually a rumour).
    8-- Is that the correct way of saying/expressing that?


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