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    Re: Teaching English as a Second Language

    firstly you have to use your body language,actions,ı mean direct actions,gestures,mimics,also classroom objects,realia,etc. instead of native language.
    ıf you want to prevent translation,you have got to use only target language(in this case of course, english!) when they need to translate something,interrupt them and make them use their own body movements and actions!first show them how to do it,how to communicate by using mostly body with a little english,then they will get used to it! after they learn it,they will model you. finally they will be able to do it themselves. you will not believe how things developed!
    it will be too hard for them at first,because you let them translate from the very beginning.
    I hope you will handle the situation very soon.

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    Re: Teaching English as a Second Language

    Try putting the name on all objects in the room. Put "CHAIR" on a chair, "WINDOW" on a window. Students can walk around the room and pronounce the words. the words serve as a constant reminder of common objects. It also allows willing students to practice during a break or meal time.

    You may also be able to buy cheap children's toys to use, such as a car, truck, cow, dog, and other objects that can be passed around and each student can say the name of the toy. You can write the name of the object on the bottom to help as a reminder when needed.
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