May you check , please, my motivation letter?

Dear Admissions Committee,
During the last year, I studied English and Norwegian languages at the University of XXXat the Faculty of Humanities. The purpose of my studies at the University of XXX was to learn Norwegian language fast and to go to study in Norway. Now I am writing to apply for the Bachelorís program in International Studies at the University of XXX.
I am interested in economy since I had my first economics lesson in 2006. I found it the most interesting subject at school and thinking about my future career I see myself in a position which is related to International studies.It is not only my interest in economics that encouraged me to apply for this Bachelorís program. It is also the chance to be able to connect economics with another field of interest, politics. Discussions about politics and its implications on world affairs are thrilling to me. In fact, this enthusiasm appeared in high school. I always read the news about the economy and politics.
Now, I would like to learn to make decisions, to think and to use my theoretical knowledge practically. Problem solving is something that really excites me. I feel that I need a job where I can experience something new every day. After reading the description of the program of International Studies, I felt that I finally found something that really fits me. I believe that the University of XXXis the best place to achieve my career objectives.
I hope this letter will be given your full consideration and I will be happy to provide any further information you may require.

Yours faithfully,