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    Interesting drawing, but ..

    The title of this drawing is 'pretentious friendship'. Why 'pretentious'? This word and the idea of the drawing seem a little bit hard to grasp. Would anyone please give a tiny bit of hint or something? Thanks!

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    Re: Interesting drawing, but ..

    I'm not sure, but it might mean that the friendship is fake, rather than the usual meaning. There are military symbols there and, given the difficulties between the two, it might imply that the current friendship is masking the truth.

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    Re: Interesting drawing, but ..

    Thanks! It's appreciated.

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    Re: Interesting drawing, but ..


    In my understanding "Pretentious" is an ambiguous word meaning fakey, but showy or flamboyant as well, since they seem to have good time.(ostensibly)
    Therefore "Pretentious"suits fine in this case.

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