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    (the) Spring Festival

    Hello, teachers.
    The use of articles for festivals makes me confused so much.
    First, I know we use zero articles talking about the usual festivals of the West and international ones.
    Second, I found both zero articles and the go with the traditional festivals of the East.

    Tomb-sweeping Day///the Tomb-sweeping Day
    Lantern Festival///the Lantern Festival
    the Mid-Autumn Festival/// Mid-Autumn Festival
    the Double Ninth Festival/// Double Ninth Festival
    the Cherry Blossom Festival///Cherry Blossom Festival
    Songkran Festival Day///the Songkran Festival Day


    Shoton Festival

    The question is what the principles of choosing articles in such contexts are.

    Id appreciate it if you kindly do me a favor.

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    Re: (the) Spring Festival

    Here's my personal view.

    If I consider the name as a name, I do not use an article; So, I would not use an article with most of the festivals you mention, just as I don't with Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, etc. I would be more likely to use an article if the 'name' appears to me to be simply saying when the festival is; so, I would probably say 'the mid-Autumn festival'.

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