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    Please recommend me books like AAT

    To solve problems relating to listening, I think I have to learn exact accent of English. So I started to find the most appropriate books to my purpose, and found out AMERICAN ACCENT TRAINING. However, unfortunately, I'm go to Australia next year, so I have to learn is British accent , not American one.

    My question is:

    1. If there is any other books like AAT that deal with British accent, could you recommend me it?

    2. With the same reason, I would like to know Internet websites which have similar functions and information to AAT, but the contents of which are about British accent.

    That's all. Thank you for your reading this thread.

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    Re: Please recommend me books like AAT

    Australia has its own accent and variant of English, which is different from British English, and I'll have to let Australian speakers recommend the books and sites.

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