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    Question "Isn't it thrilly bots?".What's the meaning?

    I'm a bit confused about the meaning of "bots" in that sentence.It's a line in a British TV series.Miranda's mother is singing the jingle bell song while dressing herself as a deer or something.And after the singing is done ,she says to Miranda,"Isn't it thrilly bots?".
    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Re: "Isn't it thrilly bots?".What's the meaning?


    I've just watched the clip on Miranda - Video Clips - British Comedy Guide having only recently deleted the episode from my DVD recorder.

    I think the use of 'bots' is a sort of happy slightly childish and familiar extension to the word 'thrill', and meant to accentuate that word'. The idea is similar, but not quite the same as when someone calls someone 'babykins'. This would only be said between two people who are extremely familiar with each other and is a term of endearment. 'Bots' is similar but it's modifying the word 'thrill'. It's said in this context of course as a means of implying that Miranda's mum is in a slightly silly and happy mood and wants to express this by using a funny word.

    A bit difficult to describe but I hope it gives you the idea.


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