Could you please correct the mistakes in this letter?


I am fine thanks, how are you?
Oh, my father enjoys watching programmes about WWII, and to be honest I like it too. I like these quotes more than his paintings :). What do you think about him? I went to see Picasso last year in summer. All I can say about it is that; 'There is really no accounting for tastes':).
I think I don't really like plays. I went to Ballet Theatre to see 'Gizelle' with my mother and sister last year. I think I don't know much either. I can't say I was impressed by Gizelle.
I used to learn French at school. :) It reminds me of my granny who helped me with it and of childhood as well.
I am reading Pickwick Papers right now. I love his English!
I enjoyed reading Rousseau's Confession so much! It was given in a perfect translation. It reads so easily and is such an engaging work.
I watched a programme about impressionists yeasterday and it inspired me to visit France one day. Have you ever been to France?
Oh, yes I was waiting for your reply :). I am doing great thanks.
Et vous Mademoiselle?

I do hope to talk to you soon :),