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    Thumbs up Teaching or not teaching grammar

    Hello! Thank you for admiting me in your forum. As an English teacher I've been told to teach grammar implicitly. That's our Governmet's guideline. However, I think that at first, students could be taught some basic grammar rules to have them starting off with the rules of the English language so they can go learning English in a most confident way. As teachers we are taught the four English skills and that worked out for us. Why are we told not to teach in that way? My final post: ┐Should grammar be taught in our clasrooms? Thanks in advance for your answer. I┤d appreciate if you do so.

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    Re: Teaching or not teaching grammar

    It depends on what you mean by teaching grammar- people can learn I drink black coffee without being taught what a subject or object are or that SVO is the normal order in English. Almost certainly some grammar rules are useful and helpful, but too much grammar can impede fluency, which is probably what they would like to see.

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