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    stress and unstress

    hii all
    what's up ?
    i have problem in distinguishing between stressed and unstressed syllables ..
    could any one give me characteristics of the stressed syllables ..
    for the word attract the stressed syllable could be /at/ and could be /rakt/ am i right ??
    another question , when putting the stress mark , where i have to put it ?
    for example, in the word open / 'open / or / op'en /
    thanks all for being here ..

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    Re: stress and unstress

    Stressed syllables may sound longer and/or louder than unstressed syllables. The word 'attract' is stressed on the second syllable: əˈtrękt. Putting the symbol (') before a syllable marks it as stressed. Notice also that the vowel of an unstressed syllable can often be reduced: in our example, 'a' of attract is pronounced as schwa [ə].

    Learn more about syllable stress: see page 93 here

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