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    aims and objectives

    Dear teachers,

    Would you tell me whether I am right about my interpretation of the expression in bold in the following sentence?

    In carrying out these aims and objectives the WHO functions as a directing and coordinating authority on international health.

    aims and objectives = goals and tasks

    Aims are the general statements of educational intent for your subject, normally found in your Faculty Handbook. Objectives are the more specific and concrete statements of what the students are expected to learn. In other words, they represent the steps you expect the students to take to meet the subjectís aims. The students are acutely aware that you will prefer to see some results ahead of others. If you make these objectives clear to your students it will help them to prepare for you subject and provide them with the means to focus their learning on what is important in your subject.

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: aims and objectives

    Aim: how the WHO is going to go about reaching their goal, their objective. For example, the WHO's main objective is 'the promotion and protection of health', and they aim to reach that goal in these ways:

    (1) To strengthen the health services of member nations, improving the teaching standards in medicine and allied professions, and advising and helping generally in the field of health.
    (2) To promote better standards for nutrition, housing, recreation, sanitation, economic and working conditions.
    (3) To improve maternal and child health and welfare.
    (4) To advance progress in the field of mental health.
    (5) To encourage and conduct research on problems of public health.
    In carrying out these aims and objectives the WHO functions as a directing and coordinating authority on international health. It serves as a center for all types of global and health information, promotes uniform quarantine standards and international sanitary regulations, provides advisory services through public health experts in control of disease and sets up international standards for the manufacture of all important drugs. Through its teams of physicians, nurses and other health personnel it provides modern medical skills and knowledge to communities throughout the world.


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