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    swinging on life#9 / borrowed lime

    Dear teachers,

    Would you help to me to understand the meaning of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

    You are stealing love
    Swinging on life number 9
    Broking my heart
    Swing on borrowed lime,
    You are calling around
    Playing with the fire.

    swing = to move along with an easy

    swinging on life #9 = living on #9

    swing on borrowed lime = ? bird-lime = a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: swinging on life#9 / borrowed lime

    We say that a cat has nine lives, so the person is running out of opportunities- they're on life 9, the last chance. I think the words may be wrong and it should read 'borrowed time', which is another reference to having run out of chances.

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    Re: swinging on life#9 / borrowed lime

    And the lyric uses the term 'swinging' not in the sense of making breezy progress - it's referring to another 'cat' image (but like 'life number nine' it doesn't actually mention a cat). This other expression doesn't fit the song as well (unless the person has had to sell his more spacious residence and rent somewhere where 'there isn't room to swing a cat') but it might be seen as setting the scene for another expression involving a cat. Maybe...


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