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    What's the difference between " complicated" and "complex"?

    1 Even with the sun or stars to steer by the problems of navigation are more ________ than they might seem at first.

    2 The composer transformed a simple folk tune into a ______ set of variations.

    which should be filled with "complicated" and which "complex"?
    what's the difference?
    thanks a lot, teachers.

    by the way, here is my suggestion to this forum:
    I had put up this post the other day, one ordinary reader replied my post, but i am not satisfied, I have been looking forward to the teacher's answer, but maybe because it seemed that the post has already been replied, so no answers from teachers at all. i think teachers were misled by the reply number "1".
    so i have an advice here, please give us the right to decide whether the thread is open to all (it means all can reply) or only open to teachers of this web site ( it means only teachers can reply). i think it is viable. please consider it.
    by the way, I have benefited a lot from this forum, I love it and thank you very much!

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    Re: What's the difference between " complicated" and "complex"?

    The easy solution would be to add something in the original thread, which will bump it back up to the top. The problem is the speed with which new posts come in, which pushes things down the list. I do often look out for unanswered threads to try to ensure that most get an answer. However, I'm not sure that restricting posts would be a viable option, because it would make it impossible for threads to develop into discussion, which some do, and would also restrict answers to people who have recognised teacher status, which would exclude visiting teachers, native speakers and advanced students who can answer the question. However, let's see what others say.

    BTW, going back to the original question, I would have given the same answer as the person who originally answered.

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