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    Motivation letter for a management master

    I'm a tunisian student who is about to graduate in Electrical Engineering. I would like to pursue a Management Master after that,so I'm applying to many programs among which the Nottingham University Program. I am not used to wrting cover letters, so I'm going to submit my first draft, hoping to get corrected as soon a s possible as the application deadline is for January 3rd.Thank you.
    Dear Nottingham Committee:

    I am pleased to be applying to the Nottingham University, International Business Program.
    The five years of my engineering training focused on solving problems and on enhancing creativity. But I was not equipped with the managerial tools that are fundamental to evolve in the Business world and to become one of tomorrow’s key leaders. The International Business program would provide a large step towards reaching that goal.
    There are many competitive programs but Nottingham’s International Business program is the one that appeals to me most for various reasons.

    Firstly, Nottingham University is highly prestigious and its International Business Master is ranked among the top global Masters in Management. From all the testimonies I have read, it is clear that this Master program would open me the doors to the thriving world of Business, working in well-renowned companies and enabling me to launch a successful international career. Secondly, Nottingham’s International Business program, unlike other programs, is dedicated to students like me who have no management or business background. I would thus be sure to gain a high level training with the theory and practice I would need to get into the Business world. Further, Nottingham’s International Business program promotes students mobility, as they could spend an entire semester in China, learning about the Chinese market’s evolution while at the same time experiencing life in China. Being profoundly attracted to the Chinese culture and language, this would provide me with a unique human experience along with an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand about the Business in one of the leaders of the global economy. Finally, this program brings together participants from all over the world, so I would be in contact with diverse cultures and I would also develop an international network.

    While applying for this program and for a scholarship, I perfectly realize that the competition is tough. I feel, however, that I have many strengths that make me eligible for the program. My first quality is my ability to work in group, as attested by my final year's project (PFA) which involved working in collaboration with others. This is also a quality I benefit from in my work with a local group ATCC that is fighting cancer. That said, as part of my activities in ATCC, I tour primary schools to raise awareness among youngsters regarding the dangers of smoking. This experience helped me develop my organizational skills as I am responsible of the establishment of the anti-smoking program. It also offered me the opportunity to practice public speaking which is a fundamental component of my work. Moreover, the fact that I speak many languages fluently (Arabic, French, English, Spanish) and my curiosity about different cultures in the world would foster my integration in a multicultural environment.

    I look forward to hearing from you and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


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    Re: Motivation letter for a management master

    This is very good, meriem.

    As Nottingham is in England, I advise you to use the BE spelling of programme.

    Good luck.


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