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    Let me know about the mistakes please if any

    I can't get grammar in these sentences below.
    The sentences are form a native English speakers forum board.

    It's so the can charge government depts extra for the "new language"
    What does "so the can charge" suppose to mean?

    Hiberno-English is quite different from what they speak over in England.

    For a start , especially the start of words, we don't get mixed up with 'f' and 's' and don't drop 'h'

    at the other end of the scale we have a lot more Nobel prizes for literature per capita than other English speaking countries

    There have only been three, and two of them ****ed off out of Ireland the first chance they got.
    "was" or "had been" maybe?
    aren't you forgetting George Bernard Shaw ?

    No, I'm including him as he emigrated to London before he started writing. I'm 'forgetting' Seamus Heaney as he's from the UK.
    No need for "had emigrated"?


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    Re: Let me know about the mistakes please if any

    In A, 'the' is a typo for 'they'.

    B and D are fine as they stand.


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