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    personal statement for my dream university


    From where I am standing now the prospect of university seems noticeably more complicated than I previously thought. I find myself considering aspects such as tuition fees, location and most importantly major. The first substantial decision we make in our lives, the answer to the inevitable question: what am I going to be? Saying that I have given careful thought to that question would be an understatement. Growing up in a family where I have always been encouraged to do my very best has enabled me to look at life with clarity and perception, and because of this I have always aspired to be a contributing member of society. I am continually looking for the task which would grant me a unique opportunity to benefit the general public.

    I started off by joining a local civil organisation in Kuwait which is mainly dedicated to assisting orphans with their English reading skills. It was eye opening to interact with a group of children that possessed incredible potential but no real opportunity to express it. Curiosity to explore their world drove me to read about orphans and subsequently child poverty. I came to understand that in our world there is an obvious, uneven distribution of money, power and consequently development; many populations lack the luxury of vaccinations, education or even a guaranteed meal.

    It is undeniable that hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes are inevitable, they are impossible to prevent and difficult to deal with. But other hazards such as famine and severe poverty are preventable, it is in our generations hands to have a positive effect on such dilemmas. And as cliché as this may sound, I am applying for international politics with the hope of having a positive effect on such issues by understanding the various economical and political details regarding why and how the world's nations have come to their current state.

    Many people excel at watching others suffer while criticizing the authorities for not fixing the situation. I say that if we want to make the world a better place then we should take a look at ourselves then make a change. I believe that the best place to start is with a solid, eye opening education, like the one I am hoping to find at the University of Georgetown. I am well aware of the program’s heavy workload, especially during the first year, and I am prepared to comply with all the requirements this program has to offer.

    As I am mainly interested in raising awareness, I try to approach different problems from diverse angles. I have been greatly supported as I am a member of my school's social committee which is responsible for organizing all of the school's social events. For breast cancer awareness we planned a 'think pink' dinner at which money was raised from the teachers and students, while for prostate cancer we ran a month long competition, 'Movember', during which male teachers were encouraged to grow their moustache to help raise money.

    I am also very dedicated to sports; I am the captain of the open age football and table tennis team. I took part in many football tournaments abroad, BSME( British Schools in the Middle East), in countries like the U.A.E. Being a team member for almost ten years has taught me to occasionally be a leader and occasionally be lead; I am flexible and willing to do what is necessary to achieve my goals. I also find it particularly important to be able to work in a team as the sum is greater than the parts.
    During my school life I was awarded the 'most valuable player' award for the *** football team in 2 consecutive years, also the 'leadership' student award in 2009 for my contribution to school activities. I was also awarded a chance, along with 3 other people, from a group of 32 people, to join Craig Kielburger and help him build schools in Salabwek, Kenya.

    This is one of the most important stages of my life, and for many people the last stage of their academic life. As I am hoping to continue with my studies, I realize that this is a major transitional stage which I should enjoy and also benefit from. I amincredibly excited about what university can offer me; I am looking forward to gaining a greater understanding of the world around me.I believe myself to be a very hardworking student when I put my mind to it, I hope to bring my life experiences coupled with my passion and eagerness to class in the University of ***.
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