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    need help for the motivation letter!!

    Can anybady help check out my motivation letter? Thanks in advance!!!

    I am writing this letter for applying the Bachelor of Science in Economics

    It is safe to say that my interest in economics is intrinsic. When I watch the TV or the newspaper, I am often captured by the news that is relating to the economy. I can not resist thinking about anything that happens to the economy such as why the price of the goods in the market would fluctuate after the injection of new goods, why the central bank would control the circulation of the currency by issuing the bonds, and why the interest rate would differ from each other etc. With strong desire to get the bottom of these questions, I regularly make the most of any sources to find the answers and really get out of it

    Admittedly, pursuing a promising personal career is one of reasons why I determine to go to a university and it would pave the way for my future career if I achieved an internationally-known diploma. However, it is not the foremost.

    I have always been thinking that as an individual in the society I ought to be thoughtful and sensitive and care more about other people as opposed to just myself. For this reason I keep paying attention to the people around me and things that happen in my country and around the world, and there are always some concerns that surround me.

    As to my country, it could be easy to be astonished by the stunning GDP number it creates annually as a whole. But when it comes to the how the GDP is composed of, I can not help worrying about it as the economy is not well structured. Another issue that I keep concerning about is the inequity of the income allocation because the wealth is not divided evenly among the citizens, and the reform of income allocation has proved to be difficult. When I look at the economic issues around the world, something that appeals to me is the international trade clashes that happen nearly everyday. It is because these frictions among the countries that want to uphold the protectionism that the Doha Development Round, which commenced at 2001, has not reached an agreement yet.The last but not the least, the relationship between the economy and the environment has been my biggest concern since I realize that how to balance this relationship is a tricky problem facing the all human being. It is because the clashes among the developing and the developed countries that the agreement made on United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen come to barely anything.

    Having kept above concerns in my mind, it is then that occurs to me only after obtaining the solid knowledge of how the economy operates and how other factors influence the economy may I manage to know the roots of these problems and issues and then can I seek ways to help tackle them. It is then that a thought going to a well-established academic university to explore the necessary techniques comes to my mind.

    The idea choosing a university caring about the society and involving in the development of the community has always occupied my mind, and then I find yours which operates in the way that has the highly relevance to contemporary social and economic issues. I am stimulated that your school, which is a social science oriented one, is exactly corresponding to my expectation

    For I believe that it is who you know that matters rather than what your know, chances are that studying in a such high degree of internationalization university like yours I could meet more people with different backgrounds and by encountering with the people coming from all over the world I could get more insights of different cultures and various perceptions in terms of the specific subjects which would facilitate my understandings towards the world.

    What is more, given that I have learnt the preliminary economic related knowledge before, I am confident that I boost the essential capability to further my study in the university and handle any possible challenges.

    I hope this letter will give your full consideration and I will be pleasure to provide any further information you might require.

    Your sincerely
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