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Thread: Saving grace

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    Saving grace

    Hello again teachers,

    I'd like to ask if I used the phrase or cliché correctly in these sample sentences.

    1. I wasn't able to attend in that summer parade festival but the only saving grace was that I wasn't in the heat of the sun.

    2. Truly the snow caused us problems when we have traveled
    but since we don't have one in our country its saving grace is we can see the actual snowfall.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Saving grace

    No. In the first sentence 'benefit' would be more appropriate; in the second sentence it is not that far out but is still not normal.

    Consider this usage: The summer parade festival was held on a very hot day with lots of dust, noise and jostling yet there was a saving grace in that I was positioned on the sheltered side of the street.
    We encountered lots of problems when travelling through the snow, although it was nice to see, and the one saving grace was that we had been given a 4x4 car which made the driving easier and safer.

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