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Thread: drive vt,vi ?

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    drive vt,vi ?

    I wrote a dialogue :

    A. Does your wife drive the car by herself ?
    B. No, our son drives for her.

    I'm not sure that I used the word drive correctly or not.
    Please correct it for me.

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    Re: drive vt,vi ?

    Actually, the use of the verb drive in each sentence is correct.
    In the first one, drive acts like a transitive verb with the direct object being car.
    In the second one, the verb drive is intransitive denoting an action that involves the operation of a vehicle -- or any other object for that matter.
    Consider the game of golf in which one player is unable to drive the ball because of a shoulder injury. So, he has a substitute doing the driving for him while he is able to do the putting for himself.
    Any more information that is needed I will gladly supply. I am driven to help you.
    L J

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    Re: drive vt,vi ?

    Another transitive use of 'drive' is in the idiomatic expression 'drive a hard bargain' [=negotiate vigorously.

    Another transitive use, that has become current nowadays is the business jargon 'I want you to drive this program' [=make sure it happens]

    Yet another - rather less focused - version is popular among advertisers. A while ago there was a Ford advert with the punning slogan 'Everything we do is driven by you'. (A service that emptied cess-pits adapted this slogan, using another pun [on 'do'], painted on the side of their lorry:

    'Everything you do is driven by us'.


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