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    on and of

    GOod daY!

    I learned form my Grammar class that we use the preposition 'on' when riding a bus, a plane, a ship,a motorcycle and etc. ON the other hand, we use 'in' for taxi and cars. HOwever, I read from reading book that says ' He was very happy while riding in a bus.' Is it grammatically acceptable?

    Also, we say ' a picture of... ( him,her,me...)
    THus, we say ' I want you to take a picture of me.'
    Is it grammatically correct to say
    ' Can I take a picture with you?' HOw about ' Can I have a picture with you?
    ( WHat I mean is that I want a picture of him together with me.)
    IS 'take a picture' the right verb phrase? HOw about 'have'?
    Is ' picture with me' grammatically correct?

    Sorry to bother.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: on and of

    1-- on a bus/train/plane is the expected, but there are situations and regions where in is also used.

    2-- To me, take a picture with you is more likely when the camera is present, while have a picture with you sounds more like a future arrangement.

    No bother; that's what we're here for.



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