From the Taichung city map, we can know the Situn (a place name) area is outskirts of a city.
It belongs to a far away region.
Before the night market, itís a military airfield and the surrounding environment is field or wasteland.
Before the university, itís a military dependants' village.
FCU moved to Situn area at 1963 and itís called Feng Chia College of Engineering and Business.
It brought more than 20,000 students and led the place development.
Because of the students, there appeared shop, street vendor and cafeteria on Wunhua road. The night market established along with the college.
The academyís school gate was on Wunhua Road. Now is a side door.
Because of more and more students, Wunhua Road school gate is instinct with students at the on and finishing class period.
Itís very dangerous, therefore, the academy authority blended with the government to develop the Fengchia road.
At 1 11 1977, the road and the new gate were finished.
On 1986, the Feng Chia Industrial and Commercial Academy was reorganized into Feng Chia University.
The number of student became more and more. Near by the university lived many students. Especially, it approaches in the school post office in Wunhua road that area start to present the profession of buffet and more informal diners start to set up. The human tide starts to gather,
After the scope of setting up the vendor extended continually, it appeared the lunch street, the Bigen square, flagship night market and the Wutai Street.
From the gate history, we can know the night marketís fast development.