hello everyone,

I want to apply to japanese language course (bsc)
unfortunately, my english teacher got sick, so I'm really desperate for someone to check my letter...
I would really appreciate it!
so if You have a free minute please drop a line, any feedback would be highly appreciated!

so here's my letter...
please, please, please
check it out!!

Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all, my encounter with the orient pearl- Japan has begun since my early childhood. I grew up watching Japanese cartoons (anime) that were not only an example of artistic graphical perfection, but also a remarkable power of values pursued by characters. Everything- from pure sakura blooms to sacred temples- looked mysterious to me and I havenít even noticed how I got completely mesmerized by this exotic culture. Furthermore, as I got older the hunger to explore and discover this new unfamiliar world of Japan has only increased.

The teachings of Shintoism and Buddhism have especially moved me and influenced my further development. Since I live in quite a rural place surrounded by fields and forests I particularly understand the significance of nature and how it is important to respect it and lead a harmonious life with our surroundings. Also being a humanist and holding esteem for every creature disables me to ignore violated human rights, injustice and environmental problems. To sum up, I believe, that these two Orient religions have played a great role in my life; they shaped my morality and values.

One of my hobbies is art; therefore it was only natural for me to get involved with Japanese paintings, literature and music. The ancient graphical technique with ink used for centuries is simply miraculous and after all the years still represents Japan very well. It is said that in order to achieve an absolute perfection an artist could only start painting on paper or silk just after numerous years of practice. An inextinguishable aim to seek for perfectionism, impervious to giving up and hardworking to reach itsí goal- these are one of the many features that a Japanese artist possess. By such examples this determination was also indoctrinated in me as well.

The last but not the least thing that makes Japan even more enchanting for me is itsí cultural and philosophical identity carved in itsí one of the most famous symbol- cherry tree (sakura). In Japan cherry tree usually blossoms in March or April depending on the location. This annual happening is highly anticipated and is celebrated by special festivals. The short time when sakura blossoms with white and purple clouds of petals symbolize not only purity and beauty, but fragility and temporariness as well. In my opinion, it reminds us that everything sooner or later comes to an end. Therefore, we must learn to cherish our loved ones and without any regrets, strive for our dreams and goals, because life is simply too short to look back or hesitate with fear.

The ideas that Japan has introduced to the world greatly inspires me. Wherefore, it is simply crucial for me to understand this country not only by itsí surface, but by itsí deepest meanings. Even though it is said that Japanese language is one of the hardest amongst all, I believe itís the key to discover the signification of real Japan and the way its citizens live. Moreover, I wish to contribute to maintaining international relationships between The Orient and Europe, so that the exchange of our cultural experience and wisdom would help to solve problems that nowadays society is facing.

I believe that education is one of the main tools to achieve your ambitions. Therefore, Iím applying to this course in order to gain knowledge and pursue not only my career prospects, but most importantly, my sincere dream as well.

The greatest challenge for me, probably, is leaving home, also language barrier and completely new environment. But although it may be hard at first, I believe, I can overcome such difficulties.

Since I entered high school, I took many part time jobs, such as pottery, baby sitting, working in farmlands and etceteras. This helped me to become more independent and hardworking. I also took part in numerous volunteering projects; one of the most memorable was working at disabled children camp. This experience has taught me not only to be tolerant, but to realize that no matter how different we may look at first, at heart we are all the same.

Furthermore, I have participated in few international exchange programs. Young reporters training camp (YRTC), which was held in Singapore in 2009, broadened my horizons, gave me team working, communicating, journalism skills, it also helped me to get used to new environment easily. Another exchange Say No, which occurred in Bosnia and Hercogovina in 2010, was evolving around youth risky behavior. The analyze, why youth is using drugs, gamble, get addicted to video games and etc. gave me analytical skills, helped me to realize that instead of judging and being quick to punish, at first, we must know the reasons behind the actions, and most importantly, not to disregard and run away from existing problems, but try to solve them.

Since 2008 I am a member of [xxx] pupilís parliament. This institution is the main organ that represents [xxx] studentís interests. Therefore I have been tutored at many seminars, attended numerous conferences and especially participated in youth policy against drugs. Such experience not only gave me political awareness, but decision making, team working, public speaking skills as well as critical attitude.

As a result of my responsibilities, I believe, I can overcome expected challenges in a foreign country. Even more, the difficulty of this subject motivates me to face all the hardships and overcome them. Academic studies abroad can help me to improve my skills, furthermore, living in a multicultural society broadens horizons, enables you to socialize freely, most importantly, high quality education helps to gain knowledge and immerse in the subject you love. Because of these reasons, I want to study in University [xxx], which has perfect international and educational background.

Thanking you for considering my application and looking forward to your positive reply.

Yours Sincerely,