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    Question about " hydraulics "

    What does " hydraulics" mean in this context? Thank you!

    SAM [OS]
    Let me tell you something. The water pressure in here is really impressive.

    I know.

    [walking out of the bathroom, having taken a shower] You could run hydraulics in here.

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    Re: about " hydraulics "

    Sometimes engines, cars, motors, machines, use water in hoses to make things move...or oil in hoses... you push the water or oil at one end of the hose, and at the other end of the hose, the water or oil pushes something, makes something move.

    Brakes on cars use hydraulics.. you push on brake pedal, it pushes oil, the oil pushes the brake on the wheel.

    So in this example, the man is saying "The water is so strong, you have so much water, the water is pushing so hard, you could use it to run a machine."

    To me, this is a very, very uncommon phrase.

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    Thanks a lot for your help Robet!


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