Hi everyone, I'm leia624.
This is my one of my personal statements. Since English is my second language, I really need people to proofread it.
Thank you for your support in advance.


I am diverse. I felt the importance of diversity in this world from attending to an international school. Although we were all different in nationalities, religion and backgrounds, we all prayed together in a Sacred Heart church. My diverse experiences at my school helped me to comprehend more broadly.
Attending to an international school was a rare experience. It was the most surprising moment when I saw my classroom filled up with girls that were from all around the world. There were numerous circumstances that shocked me during my 10 years at my school. There were girls who already had piercing when they were in 3rd grade, there were girls who spoke five languages and girls who practiced Ramadan every year. I did not apperceive any of them before. The most valuable thing I absorbed was not academic facts but the essence of diversity. There are still some racism in this world and it will not vanish completely because it is the way how people assume and it is not easy to change it. However, since I learned how diversity does not only mean people with different nationalities but to have your own character and be original. I started to appreciate god for creating this world diverse; it makes this world so attractive.
Being an international student might be difficult but I want to show other students new perspectives and cultures that they never knew before. I want to be unique, to have my opinion, and to be myself to make USD more diverse. Also to prove how diversity in nationalities and perspectives makes this world entertaining. There are countless things that we do not know yet and I want to accomplish and provide those knowledge at USD. I will bring diversity to USD.