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    s & z = great confusion

    I was extremly careful today while listening to VOA's news report, paying special attention to the pronuncition of 's' at the end of words, and discoverd what seemed to be chaos.

    ..modern forceZ in the region
    ..also haS the worlds
    ..and resourceS in the hands of
    ..Currently, it consumeZ about six million barrelZ of oil a day
    ..Most analysts view China’s transactionZ in the United States aS part of Beijing’s efforts

    I tried to figure out a pattern for this but it really was a bit hard. Would anyone please share a little comment on this? Thanks really a lot

    says China iS looking for quick ways

    The IRA'Z blamed for the death of more than 18 hundred people.

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    Re: s & z = great confusion

    I'd use /z/ in all of those, but I'm a British speakers.

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    Re: s & z = great confusion

    Thanks, Tdol :)

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