Ezzatolah Entezami
He was born in Teheran, in1921 (1303 solar). He is greatest Iranian actor. He has about 50 years experience in the cinema. In 1954 he moved to Germany and studied acting at Hanover's cinema and theater school. In 1959, he came back to Iran. He started his career with duplication and he employed by Iranians Dramatic Art institution in 1960. He graduated of Fine Art's University of Tehran in 1972.
He began his cinema activity by playing at short role in (Vaarite Bahari) directed by Parviz Khatibi in 1950. After that appearing in the Darius Mehrjui’s movie "The Cow" written by GholamHosein Saaedi, accompanied by Ali Nasirian and other talented beginner actors of that time, made him famous actor. His shining role in the Cow will never forget by Iranian and is one of the best acting in Iran's cinema.
After Islamic revolution, he went on playing in a lot of movie. Some of his movie:
The Cow, 1969
Mr. Simpleton, 1970
The Postman, 1972
Love’s Tumult, 1973
Kingdom of Heaven
Sleeping Lion, 1976
Hezar Dastan, TV series, 1978–1987
Kamalolmolk, 1983
The Suitcase, 1985 (released in 1988)
The Tenants, 1986

He has been awarded the Crystal Simorgh for the Best Actor twice from the International Fajr Film Festival, for Grand Cinema and The Day of Angel.