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    Please, I have been trying to understand why some books bring infinitives with "to", without "to" and with "ing".

    I mean, when they are giving a sequence of topics, they do not use "to". For example:

    Book A: Look at these ideas. Which five do you think are the best ways to learn English:
    * surfing the Internet
    * studying a textbook
    * going to classes...
    (Book A, used "ing" to write the verbs on the list).Why?

    Book B:Look at the list of things to do. Listen and put a check by the things that Boy has already done.
    * go shopping
    * take out the garbage
    * set the table
    (Book B used the verb in the infinitive form but without "to" or "ing").Why???

    And some books use "to", even on a list of things.

    I was wondering if you could help me understand this situation. It is difficult to know if both forms are correct because I haven't seen any explanation in a book yet.

    Thank you so much.

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    Re: Infinitve

    Book B is looking at whether something has or has not been done, so the bare infinitive makes more sense to me, as the gerund wouldn't carry the completion idea.

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    Re: Infinitve

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    Re: Infinitve

    Quote Originally Posted by Ju81
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