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    Post How to pronoun voiced "th" smoothly?

    Dear all,
    I have got a serious trouble with voice "th", especially "the", "that" as a conjunct . To make it worse, I see "the" so many times in a talk. Can you show me how to pronounce voiced "th" smoothly and "the", "that" naturally in a talk? (I mean, are they always weak?)

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    Re: How to pronoun voiced "th" smoothly?

    Let's start with the pronunciation of 'the'.

    First, get used to the sound. Bite your tongue (very lightly!) with the tip poking out about half a centimetre. Then make a voiced sound and keep it going. What you are producing and hearing is very close to the sound at the beginning of 'the' and 'that'.

    Now move your tongue back into your mouth. Bring your upper and lower front teeth closer together until they are about 2mm apart. Press your tongue lightly against the front teeth, with the edge of the front of the tongue very slightly above the bottom of the back of the top teeth.

    If you look in a mirror, you will see your tongue between the teeth. If you run a finger along your teeth, you will be able to feel your tongue, though it should not really be sticking out. Make the voiced sound again. Bring your tongue down quite sharply. You have just said 'the'.

    Now repeat it several times. Then repeat it followed by various consonant sounds: 'the boy, the cat, the dog, the fish' etc.

    Now add a preceding vowel sound: 'see the boy, see the dog, see the fish' etc.

    How does that sound and feel?

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