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  1. Sasana


    Dear Teacher Mr./Mrs.
    how have you been doing so far? would you mind giving me a hand. I have difficult time using do and make. May you send to me a list do and make or how to use do or make please.

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    Re: student

    Good question!

    Short answer:

    You MAKE a THING.. an ITEM... an OBJECT... something you can TOUCH, FEEL, TASTE, SEE.

    I MAKE dinner every day. I MAKE shoes... I MAKE buildings, computers, airplanes. My Coke fell onto the floor---I MADE a mess that I can touch!

    You DO actions... verbs, work.... I DO my homework (study, read, write)... I DO lots of things... I DO the dishes (I wash them, rinse them, dry them... all ACTIONS)...


    Me: I need to DO my homework.
    You: What is your homework?
    Me: I have to MAKE a picture of a person speaking English.
    Then I have to DO a favor for my father.
    You: What is the favor?
    Me: The favor I have to DO is, I need to MAKE a present for him.

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