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    Luck be an Old Lady

    I went to Atlantic City in October with my friend.

    She told me to bring the passport in case I win big money. No such luck!
    Ended up losing about a hundred dollars for nothing.
    Oh, drinks were free. It was nice.

    There were a couple of slot machines named "Sex and the City." It was
    nice too.

    In the episode three, season five of SATC, girls go to Atlantic City to celebrate Charlotte's 36th birthday.

    The title was:Luck Be an Old Lady.

    I don't understand the meaning of the title.
    Doesn't even look grammatically right to me.

    Could somebody please explain?

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    Re: Luck be an Old Lady

    It's probably a reference to 'Sky' Masterson's song (in Guys and Dolls: 'Luck be a lady' (in which the first words are 'They call you Lady Luck' - the goddess of good fortune - the Latin goddess was just 'Fortuna', but English translators of songs and prayers addressed to her had to supply the 'Lady'). After calling her Lady Luck the song then uses the brilliant (I think) pun 'you have an un-lady-like way of running out'.

    I don't know about the 'Old'. The Bank of England (in Threadneedle Street, London) is known as 'the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street'. 'The old lady' is also an informal (and rather dated) way of saying 'my wife'. But I very much doubt if either of these explains the SATC title'.


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