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    COLLECTING: slang,idom and cool phrases

    If you happen to know a few very cool, popular and common slang, idiom or sth that may not be written in a BOOK, please show me.

    Though I have hundreds of them, but actually I do not know for sure. And i suppose a lot of them are obsolete, and the native english speaker may seldom or never use it.

    Don't forget to give a example as well is possible.

    Thanks so much.

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    Exclamation Re: COLLECTING: slang,idom and cool phrases

    Hello gogu,
    what do you think about these?
    1)Home sweet home.
    2)If you have nothing to do please don`t do it here.
    3)Hit the road.
    4)I feel like a million dollar.
    5)The mind is like television,when it goes blank it`s a good idea to turn off the sound.

    Hope you like them,

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    Re: COLLECTING: slang,idom and cool phrases

    I don't think you can find this in your regular dictionary:
    pooched - broken??

    I'm not dead sure about the word's meaning, but I fix computers and make some good side income, and I hear this all the time from people bringing in their computers: "My computer's pooched."

    Some use the word on computer parts too, like "My motherboard / graphics card's pooched", which led me to think that they must meant either broken or fried by saying it.

    Someone confirm this for me, and if anyone knows the word for sure could you please tell me how it came to such use? Thank you.

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