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  1. shery

    take a leak

    Hi Teacher,

    Could you tell me the meaning of the bracketed sentence below?

    All I got to say is this: In the future I suggest you come to me whenever
    you feel the need to make remarks about my height,weight, accent,
    demeanor or idealogy. [And that last is not what I take a leak with either-
    case you don't know. ]

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: take a leak

    Wow, where did you find that paragraph?

    "Take a leak" is slang for a man urinating, or peeing, or pissing. Urinating is the medical term, peeing is the common term, pissing is a little rude.

    Men will say "I have to take a leak," or, "I have to go take a piss" when they need to go to the bathroom and urinate. Not polite phrases, but used with your friends.

    I understand the 'leak' word; urine 'leaks' from a person's body. But I don't know why you 'take' a leak... but that is the phrase.

    So, in your example, after the man says, "height,weight, accent, demeanor or idealogy" he then adds an insult... he is really saying, "You are so stupid, you think that the big word Idealogy means penis, or the thing I use when I go to the bathroom. Well, it is not, stupid."

    To me, that insult sounds silly and childish... I would not expect to hear someone say it... maybe a small child would think it was funny.


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