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    Question about " secret pumpkin"

    What does " secret pumpkin" mean here? Thank you!

    That hurts, Billy. Why would I lie to a journalist of all people?

    Why do you keep looking over my shoulder?



    ‘Cause Alger Hiss just walked in with my secret pumpkin.


    There’s a woman over there. I think she’s looking at me.


    I don’t know. I never know if they’re looking or not.

    Billy turns 180 degrees to see a woman sitting on a couch with a drink. She looks
    to see him obviously eying at her. Sam sighs.

    Yeah, I think she was.

    I want to thank you for the casual way that you did that just now. She probably
    didn’t notice that.

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    Re: about " secret pumpkin"

    Is it a reference to Cinderella?? Just a guess

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    Re: about " secret pumpkin"

    "secret pumpkin" may refer to the pumpkin in which Whittaker Chambers, a senior editor at Time magazine and a former Communist hid the secret film he allegedly received from Alger Hiss. Alger Hiss was a high ranked officer at the Department of State and later accused of being a Soviet spy.

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