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    Possessive Pronouns

    I am confused about the function of the possessive pronouns mine, yours, ours, his hers and theirs in a sentence. Are they always used as predicate pronouns following a linking verb? That house is yours. Can they also function as objects of the preposition in a prepositional phrase?I am confused. I would like to understand their fuctions in sentences.

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    Re: Possessive Pronouns

    They are used pretty much like the nouns they stand for.

    Subject: Your flat is wonderfully spacious; mine is much too small.

    Direct Object: Luke and Emma went to the fancy dress party as Punch and Judy. His costume was pretty dull, but I loved hers.

    Indirect Object. Peter and Mary have very different sons. I gave his a book for Christmas, and hers a chemistry set.

    Object of preposition: I was impressed by Henry's speech - and by yours, Jack.

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