So, I'm applying for master course at one of the european universities and here's my motivation letter. If you could check it and give some advices and I'd really appreciate that :) Don't you think it's too long? too short? any other hints?:)

Motivation letter
Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to apply for Master course in theoretical chemistry and computational modeling at the University. Being ranked as good place for international students and offering wide range of courses in English I believe it is the best place for spending my first year of master studying. At the same time I think my working capacity and sense of purpose would enable me to contribute my best to the University.
Currently I am a student at the department of biological physics. Having strong background in general physics and mathematics that compose most of the schedule during first 3 years at our faculty and also completing such courses like biochemistry, physical chemistry, physics of macromolecules has led me to studying of computer modeling as one of the most promising tools in drug design, identification of new chemical compounds, specifying of exact structure of already known substances and so on up to fundamental studying in any field of biology or chemistry.
I have already completed couple of course works focused on studying of methods and software for molecular dynamics, molecular docking and quantum chemistry. This studying led to participating in couple of international conferences for young scientists and publication of an article. But I feel like master programs in Ukraine canít provide as much opportunities as your University can offer, as we donít have big community of scientists specialized in computer modeling and most of the events are happening in Europe so itís difficult to participate in them. Studying in Europe would allow me to be closer to international projects and to learn some new methods and approaches in computer modeling, hence giving ideas for new projects.
But Erasmus Mundus is not just a scientific project, but project that gathers students all over the world and allows them to communicate and share their experience and ideas. I have already participated in ďWork & Travel USAĒ program where I met a lot of people from different countries and it taught me to be more open-minded and communicative. Also living in another country makes you more mature and persistent, so now I canít imagine situation that I wouldnít be able to deal with. I think that my international experience makes me good candidate for studying abroad. And knowledge in fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry and molecular biology as well as more specific knowledge of software for computer modeling such as GAUSSIAN and NAMD provides me with all the necessary knowledge for studying at your University.
At the end I would like to tell that I am really keen on joining programme in Theoretical chemistry and Computer modeling which provides great mobility possibilities along with modern scientific education which would allow to gain more practical experience and knowledge needed to work in field of computer modeling.

With respect, ME