The impact of my life

There are many people who can influence your life in some way. However, the one person, in my opinion, that can bring the greatest impact to you, in about just everything you do, is your mother. She is the person who can help you mature, have a positive attitude, and, most importantly, have respect towards others. Like many other parent, she is the one who wants the best for her children, and wants them to achieve their goals, and make it through life well educated.
It was the summer of nineteen ninety-eight and my parents bought a house with the help of my grandparents. Today we still live in the house but my father is no longer around on account of my parents getting a divorce. After my father left in two thousand one, my mom was left on her own with everything from bills for the house to pay, and being a single mother, with three children to rise. I remember when I was in middle school, my mom would enroll us for after school activities because she needed to work late. We never did like to stay but you have to do what your mom tells you to do. Speaking the truth, it was really sad to see my mother going through hard times and I was not old enough to work and help out a bit.
When I turned old enough to work, I found a job so I could start helping my mom out. She wouldíve always been grateful about it but told me to focus more on school since that was the key to a better future. She was always pushing me to get better grades. She didnít want to see me end up like her, killing myself working in order to pay the monthly rent after high school. It has been a huge help to have my mother around even though she is working all the time. She has always been a big influence to my brothers and me, helping us in what we needed help in. For example, when we didnít understand the math homework or when science was getting a little too complicated, she tried her best to help us, even when she couldnít understand the language.
As of today, my motherís financial status is in better shape. Being able to see my mom going through all that spoke to me, making me realize that she has been an inspiration and a role model in my life. The reasons why work hard in school are to impress her and make her proud as well as for my education, because without my mom I donít know what I would have done or, even worse, what wouldíve become of me. She would always be there for me and always influences the decisions I made in everyday life, changing me into the better person I have become today.